Display protectors - the best protection for any display

Films are available for any occasion and any end device

Protection, effects, or simply invisible—when it comes to display protectors, Hama has it all: extremely robust display glass, effect films to keep out prying eyes, and films to give you a perfectly clear view. Display protectors for any situation, any job, any activity: Hama has a massive selection for almost any smartphone.



Our glass screen protectors are scratch-resistant and ensure perfect protection.

To all Standard Glasses


Easy to fit with Easy-On. The 10H hardness ensures higher protection and prevents fingerprints from appearing!

To all Crystal Clear Glasses


Our Full-Screen glass protectors are ideal for devices with a rounded screen – the corners are perfectly protected too.

To all 3-D-Full-Screen Glasses


Premium-quality glass screen protectors that protect against the spying out of data? This level of protection is afforded by our Anti-Spy glass protectors.

To all Anti-Spy Glasses


Ultra safe and even harder than our Premium glass protectors! At the same time they are ultra thin, just 0.20 mm.

To all Ultra Glasses


Our Universal glass screen protectors are suitable for every smartphone. One glass protector for all!

To all Universal Glasses



Uncomplicated and unobtrusive, this film is simplicity itself. It is easy to apply and does exactly what a protector film is supposed to: it protects.

To all Basic films


This high-tech screen protector is manufactured in Germany and comes in packs of two. It is easy to apply to your device.

To all Clear films


Now in full size—Hama is bringing to the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and to the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Note Edge: Flexible TPU display protector films that mould themselves to the corners and edges of your curved display, guaranteeing 100% protection.

To all Full-Screen films


Impacts from falling items are no problem for this protector. The unique anti-shock material protects the screen against impacts.

To all Anti-Shock films


Easy on and bubble-free

High-tech screen protectors with Easy-On mounting aid for simple attachment without bubbles. Quality “Made in Germany”.


The laser cut ensures that our screen protectors fit very accurately. Compared with the conventional punching process it is even more precise.


  • Fully precise cut with precision laser
  • Easy mounting without bubbles with the Easy-On® mounting aid
  • Extremely scratch-resistant, especially thin high-tech material
  • Ultra HD quality for optimal transparency and colour fidelity
  • Excellent touch and scroll features
  • Made in Germany with 10-year guarantee


Watch the video to see how easy it is with Easy-On.


Precise fit of protectors for smartphones with rounded edges

Because of the device design, screen protectors for smartphones with rounded edges do not extend all the way to the edge of the display. If the screen protector extended all the way to the edge, it would very quickly detach. The screen protector is therefore designed to cover only the active display to ensure optimal adhesion.